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pillow cases vintage Stitched Monogram Art personalized wedding gifts

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Today I wanted to share with you another recent project I created with my friends at Oriental Trading Company! I regularly create DIY projects using their products to inspire couples who are looking to create things themselves for their wedding day! This month, I created another fun monogram project that you could create to use as decor for your wedding day, or in your home! This Raised Stitched Monogram was created using thick cording and embroidery thread in colors of your choosing to make a beautifulpillow cases vintage, personalized piece of art.

I created two?different versions of this project to demonstrate how easily you can personalize this DIY. you can create a looser, more rustic version by leaving the ends of your cording out. You can apply this letter style to any number of surfaces, from canvas to cross-stitch, to cloth.

accent pillow case baby boudoir

The more polished version covered the cording more thoroughly. For this version, I placed the letter onto an embroidery hoop. These would look so cute hanging on your wall in your home!

Be sure to stop by the Oriental Trading Blog to see the full tutorial I created! You can see all of my posts for Oriental Trading here.

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