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pillow cases vintage How to style your perfect living room with Lara Hutton accent pillow case baby

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Interior Stylist Lara Hutton shares her advice on styling the perfect living room.

What items would you recommend investing in for a living room update?

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A living room update can be very easily achieved simply by changing cushions and a throw on your lounge. It sounds like such a simple task, but often it can be such a task to choose the perfect pieces and find the perfect balance and combination.

I often change my lounge seasonally – in winter, opting for heavier weight felts and chunky knit cushions with plenty of texture. In summer, I change to lighter weight linens.

Cushions can change the whole look and feel of a living room in an instant.

Investment pieces for mepillow cases vintage, would be a very special lamp and an occasional chair. These are the elements that can really dictate the room. They require much more careful consideration, but once you find the ones you love you’ll have them for life.

How can you pair this back with other items you already have in your home?

When styling a home, it’s important that there is harmony throughout. This means simply that the home as whole has a definite synergy and style. Once you have your curated cushions they should be able to work in any space through the home because the flow and harmony in the interiors should allow it.

The important thing here is that you have carefully thought through the style and that it resonates with you. Then furniture pieces and elements can move around anywhere, and restyling will be effortless.

What are some key homewares trends you’re seeing this season?

Some key trends I love are the emphasis on beautifully curated furniture and homeware pieces and the mixing in of organic, textural elements.

I love that there is a return to special and unique pieces. This brings a beautiful, creative freedom to styling and design.

This season is about pared back opulence. There is an undertone of modern shapes and 1920’s deco that I love for winter. It is a very beautiful look that is timeless.

Texture is also a huge favourite this season, as we see more mixing of chunky textures, felts, fur, knits and velvets in soft furnishings. In homewares, it is a careful balancing act of glass, marble and metal.

I love and usually work with neutrals, and the muted colours are big this season along with the brighter hue of mustard tones.


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