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pillow cases vintage How to style small spaces with Claire Bradley accent pillow case baby

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Claire Bradley, editor-in-chief of Inside Out magazine, shows us her tips for styling small spaces.

For me, living in style is all about creating a home that sparkles with personality, and that has nothing to do with size. Some of my favourite homes we’ve featured in Inside Out have been petite in proportion but big on style.

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In my eyes, a smaller space is actually better for creating beautifully framed vignettes. In a more confined spacepillow cases vintage, it’s sometimes easier to play with scale but also to draw attention to textures and colour.

Here are my three tops tips for making the most of any space.

Create a collection. There’s a certain magic to putting items together in a way that’s both picturesque and meaningful. This works for smaller items (say, vases, flowers and books on shelves), but also the larger pieces (sofas, coffee tables and artwork).

The rule of thumb is odd numbers, but don’t forget to also consider size and shape. For example, if all the items in your grouping are of a square-ish variety, you’ll need to make sure there are a variety of sizes. The bigger the difference, the more dramatic the effect.

Also, consider the textures you’re putting together: too much of the same begins to get a bit ‘matchy matchy’ but also looks like a set, as opposed to something you created yourself.

Choose items that are connected by either tones, or textures, but different and stand on their own.

Add colour!

People often make the mistake of thinking that small spaces need to be white to create the illusion of more space. Yes, and no. Of course, white isn’t going to hurt, but block colour walls and continued lines also help give a room purpose – attitude if you will.

It’s all about not trying to be something it’s not. You can go for a more interesting, bold treatment in a small space because what do you really have to lose?

Connect the spaces.

In any area, big or small, it’s important to make sure the areas within a home connect.

I would say even more so when the spaces are smaller. If you treat each one separately, you can end up with something that feels a little bit like a bunch of matchboxes shoved together. You walk from one room into the next and it’s a bit like Alice in Wonderland.

Instead, consider the palette of colour and texture that runs throughout the house. Think about highlighting different elements to different effect, but keeping a commonality.

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