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pillow cases vintage Happy Easter! (a few last minute ideas) pillow case baby

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Easter falls during the perfect season.? My very favorite season.? Spring.? Spring means the cold is disappearing and color is reappearing; new blooms, fresh life, clearer skies.? And my very favorite flowers are in bloom; tulips.? Easter also has significant religious meaning for me and my family.? The resurrection of Jesus Christ brings my family a lot of joy.? And that’;s what we celebrate most this holiday.

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However, we like to celebrate some of the fun (totally commercialized and silly side) of Easter the day before.? You know, the eggs, the candiespillow cases vintage, the bunny.? Yep, we love ourselves a little Easter cheer in our home.? And who can resist all of the color, the celebration, the gathering of families and friends.? Ahhhh.? Another beautiful holiday.

And remember our crazy life lately?? Well, I haven’;t had a chance to make several of the things I’;ve been wanting to…;…;but there’;s still another day before the Easter celebrating rolls in for us.? So, I’;m serious about running to the store during nap time (while my husband keeps himself permanently attached to his desk, studying for his national board exam), to gather a few last minute things for the holiday weekend.? I have been bookmarking (okay, pinning) a few Easter treats and egg decorating ideas that we still have time to do.? So here are a few ideas that I’;m tossing around.

Are you a Last Minute Lucy too?? Well, hurry, there’;s still time.? Snag a few ideas for yourself too.

All pics below are edible.? And all seem quick.? Ack, how will I decide?!?!? (Click on any image for more info.)

Delicious, right?? And so springy.

The other thing, is eggs.? We love to color and decorate and have fun with our little eggies.? So here are a few ideas.? There are even a few that don’;t require any dying.? So quick and simple. ?(Click on any image for more info.)

Okay, I’;m off to the store in a bit.? Wish me some last-minute luck.

And then, in my true last minute fashion, I’;ll be finishing up some Easter duds tonight after the munchkins are in bed.? I cannot break my Easter tradition of sewing up new clothes, just because we’;re crazy and packing up to move.? Ha. ;)? (They won’;t take long…;…;.they’;re pretty simple.? And I already have the fabric and supplies.? Last minute usually gives me strange surges of energy anyway.? I’;ll share pics next week.)

Have a beautiful weekend.


By Kerby Smith,?photographer, printer, quilter, and BERNINA Ambassador. Visit him

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