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pillow cases vintage From Drab to Fab without Breaking the Bank funny cushion covers

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Brown and orange colour schemes were all the rage in the 70s; although these colours are once again on-trend unless they convey a modern look they can easily date a room. Swap dark colours for light and they can help to make a bedroom look larger; adding height to the headboard and adding a foot board will up-date a bed. New bedding in white will allow you to change accent colours easily.

Brown and white look good together but they can also look staid and boring. Inject colour and texture by reupholstering the sofa or using throws; add plenty of cushions with a variety of textures to give a living room an instant up date without much effort or expense on your part.

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Once again this shows a good example of how lighter shades on brown can give an instant pick-me-up to tired looking furniture. Coupled with a new accent colour a cosy reading corner is highlighted with a trendy table lamp.

Another fabulous example showing how a fresh lick of paint and some pretty new bedding can transform the look of a bedroom. Adding wall art breaks the monotony of a large expanse of plain wall.

As children grow older you'll need to accommodate their ever changing tastes in style and décor. To keep ahead of the game use a neutral as the base colour and then swap and change bedding without any worries of them not looking chic.

It wasn't that long ago when designers were telling us to keep busy patterns out of the bathroom because you'd run the risk of making them look cramped. Today, howeverpillow cases vintage, this has been reversed and bathrooms are being given a new lease of life by changing from plain to patterns. The end result makes a huge difference to the overall look and it also means you won't have the expense of having to replace the bath, basin and loo.

Time to baste this baby! Our quilt measures about 80″ square so we will need a backing that is a bit bigger than that. I made mine about 85″ square. Visit the first Quick and Easy Christmas Quilt post for a full materials list and to learn how to make and assemble the blocks.

Textile artist,?Paula Scaffidi, shares her creative technique to stitch up a bunch of Summer Glow Cuff Bracelets.

How adorable is this cardigan onesie? We fell in love with it too the first time we saw it on Feather’s Flights. In fact, there are a bunch of great tutorials for baby boys there, like the Little Boy Tie and Baby Shortalls from a T-shirt. The Men’s Shirt Baby Romper looks just like a little gentleman’s button-down dress shirt.

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