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pillow cases vintage From Boring to Bowie - The style of David Bowie funny cushion covers

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Stripes, and lightning bolts galore!? We take a look at this pop and fashion icons style, and show you how to get inspired with your home décor. In the wake of his exhibition opening at the V&;A gallery and the release of his new album, the T-fab team have been going bonkers for all things Bowie.?We've?come over all zigzags and lightning bolts in the office, and we thought what better way to celebrate the musician and fashion legend than to let him inspire our design ideas. So break out the cat suitpillow cases vintage, step into your wildest platforms and let’s get creative! We’ll begin with the foundation of any gorgeous room, which is of course the walls.

For a classic Bowie colour palette you should go for oranges and warm terracottas. It’s a great colour to create a feature wall, or even just a focus area of the room such as a chimney breast or recess. Once?you've?selected your feature area to be painted or papered, lighten up the rest of the space by keeping the other walls a neutral colour such as white or stone, this helps to ensure the colour?isn't?too overpowering, especially in smaller rooms. Next we’re thinking furnishings! When it comes to creating this look you can go all out when picking your upholstery, how about a monochrome striped chaise lounge or sofa? ?Spirals and stripes will stand out and create a retro psychedelic affect. Accessories are the final flourish to any room, and with this style you can have some serious fun! The more over the top the better, multicoloured zigzag cushions to contrast each other and modern minimalist vases help create the eclectic ‘weird and wonderful’ look that you want.

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You can take it two ways at this point, you can fill your space with trinkets or go for a more curated look with just a few stand out talking points, for example, a large patterned lampshade can become a centrepiece and liven up an otherwise plain room. A great idea is to create your own artwork, which is a lot easier than it sounds. A quick and simple way of creating artwork is to use objects you already have and repurpose them.

An example of this would be framing an old pair of sunglasses in a deep frame, or perhaps a magazine cover you particularly like. Thick black or white frames work best for this sort of thing and make something very simple look important and beautiful.? Why not try experimenting with framing other things you like?? It’s cost effective and adds a very personal touch to your room decor. With all of these tips, you’re set to take your home from boring to Bowie in a flash!

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