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pillow cases vintage DIY Blooming Heart Valentines Decoration customized gifts for mom

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While I was “;working”; (i.e. scoping out the web for cute Valentine’;s day tutes) I came across this gorgeousness on Punkin Pattern. I’;m so glad I discovered this site, there’;s so much cuteness there! I asked the creator, Vanessa, if she would share the tute with uspillow cases vintage, and she agreed. I see so many variations on this, I just love how it’;s sweet but not as saccharine as some traditional Valentines day decorations.

Get the full Blooming Heart Valentines Decoration tutorial after the jump. What are you planning for v-day decor? Let us know in the comments, you could win some pretty potholder fabric and bias tape.

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Blooming Heart Valentines Decoration

Here’;s a very quick Valentine’;s Day decoration. I did mine in about an hour (while sitting in front of the TV). You’;ll need some cardstock in various colors and patterns, foam (heart shaped), 2 sheets of craft felt, push pins (about 1″;), and a flower craft punch. (Take a look at anotherprojectwhere I used the same flower punch.) You’;ll also need a ribbon for hanging.

To prep the flowers, simply punch out of the cardstock with the punch and bent slightly in on itself to create a dimensional look and put your pin through the center.

Cover your foam heart with felt by tracing the heart onto the felt and cut 2 (for top and bottom) and affix with push pins (or glue if you like). Measure the sides of the heart and cut strips of felt for sides. Attach felt to sides, making sure the entire foam heart is covered with felt. Don’;t worry if it’;s not too accurate, this is just to hide the foam so you can’;t see it between the flowers.

Now you can start adding your flowers. I wanted a somewhat crowded look to the flowers, so I placed mine fairly close together. Make sure you distribute the patterns and colors well so you don’;t get clumps of one pattern or color.

Don’;t forget to cover the sides as well.

When you’;ve covered the heart, turn it over and add a ribbon for hanging. I tied a little knot in the bottom for decoration. You can attach the ribbon to the heart with push pins or glue. Enjoy!

Isn’;t that the sweetest? Check out Vanessa’;s site Punkin Patternfor more great tutes and inspiration!

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