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pillow cases vintage Balloon Boppers Kids Game custom anniversary gifts

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Balloon Boppers are the perfect indoor and outdoor game for kids to keep in your kids’; activities arsenal. These DIY Pom poms are also a winner!

Please welcome?Stephanie as she shares how she entertains her children on the cheap!

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Steph here from Crafting in the Rain and I’;m excited to be back on Today’;s Creative Life! I don’;t know about you, but with summer approaching, I start thinking of Games for Kids and ways to keep the kids entertained while they’;re out of school. With just a couple of items from the dollar store, you can keep kids busy and active!

I had a hard time knowing what to really call these things…; balloon bopperspillow cases vintage, balloon swatters, sponge on a stick? My kids seem to like boppers, but you can call them whatever you like. Kids will come up with all kinds of games they can play with these simple materials.

We made these last summer and we still have them around, so I’;ve been impressed with their durability.

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The great thing about these is that they’;re super cheap and can be used indoors or out. Think rainy day fun or games at the park.

Or what about making several of these for a family reunion? Kids and adults alike will have fun batting balloons around. Try to knock them back and forth, or into a hula hoop hung from a tree branch.

I hope you’;ll have as much fun as we do! Here are a few more kid-related posts you might like:

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Thank you Stephanie! You can find Stephanie on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Google and .

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