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pillow cases vintage 4 Favorite Needle Info Links decorative pillow shams

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You sent such nice comments on the needle “secret code” information we posted on Wednesday, we thought you might like more info on needles and thread. Here are a few of our favorite on-line resources on sewing machine needles. Enjoy!

#1 –; Schmetz Needle Color Coding Chart

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Have you noticed the little bands of color on your sewing machine needles? They’;re not just there to be pretty! The color-coding indicates the needle type and size –; how awesome is that? Even better: You can download the Schmetz Needle Color-Coding Chart as an 8-1/2″; x 11″; and 4″; x 6″; chart. (Click and scroll down a bit to find the chart.)

#2 –; Schmetz Needle Primer

Also from Schmetz, an awesome Needle Primer with all the info you need to know about selecting the right needle for the fabric and thread you’;re using for your project.

#3 –; Sewing Machine Needles: An Overview

Would you like to actually see the differences between needle types? Check out Sewing Machine Needles: An Overview on the Threads magazine website. Very nice photos and descriptions of each needle type and its usespillow cases vintage, plus helpful trouble-shooting tips.

#4 –; Machine-Needle Know-How

From the Threads website Teach Yourself to Sew Series, Machine-Needle Know-How is a super article on sewing machine needle anatomy and what each part is designed to do, plus a great illustration of how the needle works with the bobbin to create a stitch.?

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