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lace pillowcases Top 25 Interior Design Blogs- No. 1 funny cushion covers

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Welcome to the fourth and final week of our Organic Challenge! This week, we’re focusing on some household item transitions that will dramatically cut down your exposure to toxic chemicals. Many of the chemicals found in the average home have been linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer, and psychological abnormalities. Just like the other Organic Challenge productslace pillowcases, many of the chemicals listed below have never been adequately tested for negative health effects. For example, products that kill 50% of lab animals through ingestion or inhalation can still be designated “non-toxic.”

If you are a midnight sewer like I am, you know the feeling of being in the “zone”, making progress on a project you love, and then it happens. You don’t have the right fabric, the best tool, or the perfect color cord to finish your project. Well, when you need the perfect color cord, try creating custom cord with BERNINA Braiding Foot #21. You can make almost any color cord and use it for creating ties, finishing edges, or couching embellishments. And, the best part is, that you probably already have the supplies to make it.

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