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lace pillowcases Printed denim and upcoming submission opportunities personalized gifts for women

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I read this morning on that printed denim is a new trend set to take stores by storm this spring. Glad there is yet another application for surface design this season, especially florals!

I'm hoping the piece I completed last night (see header for detail) might someday find such an application ...

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Earlier this week I submitted some of my work (a collection I call "Galactic Zoo") to the upcoming book from Marie Perkins at the print pattern blog. Entries are due by March 15th. She's already published two beautiful books on surface pattern design, and her blog is of course a well-established resource in the industry, especially for the stationerylace pillowcases, gifts, home and interiors markets. If my work gets accepted, it would be some great visibility.

Here's a peek at 'Galactic Zoo':

Also, over at Threadless, they are holding a contest until March 19th. The challenge is to design the next iconic Threadless and Gap tee. If you win, your design will be sold on and in Gap stores worldwide, plus you get some cash ($2000) and gift certificates. Sounds like it's worth a shot!

I also learned via LinkedIn about a new gallery of designs for licensing, who will be taking on new artists soon. They'll be launching in 'early 2012'. It's called The Curious Canopy and you can find their Facebook page here. It looks very interesting and I may submit some work when they are fully up and running.

Although at this point I am hell-bent on participating in the August edition of Printsource, as my own representative, so that will have to be my first focus.

Off to do some more designing ...

by Nikolina Primova

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