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lace pillowcases How to Tea Stain personalized wedding gifts

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I had to tea stain a whole bunch of lace to use as table clothes. I love the look of tea stain opposed to plain white. It makes things (especially lace) look more antique and expensive. Also, I wasn’t keen on white tablecloths because my dress is white and I don’t want to match the table clothes! The things you have to think about as a bridelace pillowcases, right?

So this diy project is super simple and can be done with any fabric of any size. First I ran my bath tub full of HOT water. While that was filling up, I boiled about 10 cups of water on the stove and put in it half a box (20 bags) of family sized, generic tea bags. I let that boil until the water was nice and dark and the bath tub was full enough to cover the 15 table clothes I had to stain. I put the table clothes in the tub first and then poured the brewed tea water in with them. I mixed the water around with my hand and let the concoction sit until I felt like the color was where I wanted it (about 7 minutes in my case). I drained the water and then transferred the lace to my washer where I ran a quick wash with NO detergent. Then I dried it all in my dryer and that was it. Easy as that!

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Aside from trying to drink the tea out of the tub, Harper is such a good helper!

Note: Originally I was worried about the tea staining our porcelain bath tub, but I tested a small cub of it first and had no issues, so no fear!

I put the tea stained lace next to white lace so you can see the difference.

Have you tea stained anything for your wedding?

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