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lace pillowcases Happy Home Crisscross Tote Bag Tutorial decorative pillow shams

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The Crisscross Tote Bag tutorial was made with a BERNINA?550 Quilters Edition and features?Happy Home fabric, a collection designed by Sew Caroline.

The Happy Home fabric collection is full of color and playful florals that we thought would make a perfect tote. You can never make/have enough toteslace pillowcases, am I right? This tote is a perfect size to be able to use while running errands, a day at the beach or would even make a cute gym bag. The holidays are also around the corner and this would make for a wonderful gift to give.

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In the Crisscross Tote project we learn how to use the BERNINA Walking foot #50?with seam guide for quilting and how to use the BERNINA Blindstitch foot #5?to apply the straps of the bag. We thought burlap trim would add a perfect touch to the tote as well as using contrasting quilting threads to really make the diagonal quilting on the pocket of the tote pop with color.

Have you ever wanted a soft backrest while you do work? Or maybe you need a nice decorative pillow? Well the Demon Pillow is just that. The Demon Pillow is an improved version of a pillow because you can put an image onto the actual pillow. You don't have to put a picture of a Demon on your pillow, but I chose to since it is my school mascot. I decided to do my school mascot because I am in 7th grade and this was my first time representing my school in sports. The image you put on the Demon Pillow could be a picture of a well known landmark, your family or pet, or even a selfie of you. The nice part about a pillow like the Demon Pillow is that you can make this pillow for a small amount of money, rather than going out and buying a designer pillow that could be over $100. The best part about the Demon Pillow is that you are the designer and can make it whatever you want!

I made this organizing tool in order to secure and to round up the odds and ends that seem to migrate to the bottom of all of my bags. ?You can cater the sizes of the pockets to the items that you wish to wrangle. ?I made a few different sized pockets, and you can see that the finished product held small items like a pencil or a key chain swiss army knife. ?I completed this in about 20-30 minutes so it is definitely amenable to beginning sewers!I made it at Techshop!TechShop Pittsburgh:? Homepage:?

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