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lace pillowcases Happy Halloween….it’s Virtual Costume Parade (2012) time!! pillow case baby

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Okay, come on, how in the world was I supposed to choose ‘;only a few’; of your costumes to share today?!!? Holy smokes…;…;.you have all blown me away.? I kept saying, “;oooh, I need to share this one, and oh yes, this one too…;..and hahalace pillowcases, I HAVE to share this one!”;? By the time I had looked through them all, I had narrowed down my selection to 127 pictures.? Dang.? So I had to narrow again.? Bummer.? I don’;t have enough hours to save/upload/organize/share them all today.? So, you’;ll have to check out every single Halloween costume photo (made by YOU) over at my flickr group.? Hurry, you’;ll just smile and smile…;..and then laugh.? And then stare in amazement.? They’;re THAT good. :)

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But here is a nice little sampling of you busy little sewists (or someone you know, who made it for you), making the most beautiful and clever costumes.? I could just squeeze you all.? I think it’;s FANTASTIC that so many are having an absolute ball creating costumes for their children/themselves/friends.? It’;s kind of exhilarating, right?? And how many of you surprised yourselves when something actually turned out?? Pretty cool feeling, huh?? Careful though…;…;it’;s like a drug.? You may find yourself wanting to make every little thing you or your family may need. ;)? (My husband teases me about this all the time.? And sometimes says, “;you know, I’;m okay with you just buying that!”; Ha!)

And who goes first?? Anything ‘;Little Red Riding Hood’; related.? Because, well, I’;m kinda partial to that theme this year. ;)? And ahhhh, you guys had so many great Red Riding Hood ideas!!? (Did I forget anyone?? If so, let me know.)


? ?

Wow.? Maybe we should have a party and let all the ‘;Little Red’;s’; have a little party together.? However, I’;m afraid all those mean ol’; wolves will scratch each other up a bit. ;)

Anyway, moving on to so many more ideas.? Once again, I’;m inspired.? And have slurped up many new ideas from you all.? (And others have too, I’;m sure.)? So, thanks!

Now, let’;s pretend that these little beauties are all parading by you…; front of your house, or something.? I totally won’;t tell if you ‘;ooooh’; and ‘;ahhhhh’; and maybe clap for your favorites.? Because I had a few similar moments as well.? Ha! :)

And just so you know, I kept making comments as I added pictures and would then delete it.? Because you’;ll never get through them all if I keep doing that.? But if you’;re anything like me, you have at least 100 things to say about each photo.? Ack, they kill me!!!!!?

So let’;s get on with it already.? Ahhhhh, so fun!!

? ?

Did you just die?? Ha.? :)

Remember there’;s lots and lots more over at my Flickr group.? Go check them out and I promise, you’;ll continue to laugh and smile and ooh and ahh.

Great work to everyone.? And thank you again for sharing.? I can’;t think of anything more fun for children (and adults alike), than to dress up and act out their very favorite fairy tale or conquer imaginary worlds as their favorite super-hero would.? The thought that went into all of these costumes is incredible.? All for a day that celebrates imagination; Halloween.

Happy Halloween everyone!? And indulge in all of that guilt-free candy today.? That’;s what I’;m doing anyway! :)


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