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lace pillowcases Easy Teacher Gifts and my LIVE TV Debut! customized gifts for mom

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Looking for a little gift for your kiddo to bring to their new teacher? Last week I shared some super easy, super inexpensive and dare I say…; super cute Last-Minute Teacher Gifts (on LIVE TV!!) here on Dallas’; local morning show, The Broadcast. They each can be made for around 10 bucks! Check out these simple ideas…;One thing I will remember for my next appearance is that 5 minutes goes by REALLY fast. In fact I had one idea that I didn’;t get to at all. That’;s ok because now I can share that with you here this weeklace pillowcases, but first take a look at these great little gifts for teachers that made it on air.

Read one for the details and more last-minute teacher gift ideas.

customized gifts for mom

By simply adding stickers and adhesive vinyl to various acrylic containers, we turned pantry basics into sweet candy dishes.

Clockwise from top left:

3D Cardstock stickers personalize this chic wooden vessel

Use a Large Paper Punch to create a?Chalkboard Vinyl Label on a cute candy dish

Stickers and Plaid Washi Tapee give this Canister more masculine look

A Silhouette Digital Cutting Machine makes the decorating options endless.

Then we turned to tissue boxes, a must have for every teacher’;s desk. These are all made using paint and paint markers.

Clockwise from top left:

Amber used some of our favorite Handmade Charlotte Stencils (on sale right now) with Martha Stewart All-Purpose Paint, Chalkboard Paintand paint markers to create this Bamboo version.

We used a polka-dot stencil from?Handmade Charlotte with Slick Neon k Dimensional Paintto dress up this chic lucite tissue box.

These Tissue Box Houses are cute to begin with but some line-rule and doodle graphics push it over the edge.

You know we are hot for neon and neutral! A stencil and paint markers made this simple project on-trend.

But the best of all is the beautiful rainbow house that Clare painted for her own new teacher, no DIY required.

No teacher expects a gift to start off the new year but if a small handmade surprise can make a shy little girl this excited about heading off to school, it has to be a good idea!

Home automatic is becoming a very trendy these days. Everything in our home is getting automated; one of the best accessories on the market today is the curtain tracking system with the motor system. The automatic curtain track has made life easier, if you are sitting on a couch, preparing dinner at home, stepping out of a shower, you can easily open or close your curtains by just clicking on the remote button.

Doors are often awkward when trying to maximise space in a small bathroom. The actual door into the room and an outward opening shower door can take up valuable space. Sliding doors or concertina bi-fold doors can be very useful additions to a small bathroom – before you cringe and think of the plastic concertina doors of yesteryear, today's bi-fold doors are sleek, stylish and don't resemble the older styles in any way but their function. As a door to any room in your home typically opens inwards why not swap this around and have the door opening outwards. A little unconventional, but it can make a room look instantly larger and there'll be no trying to squeeze past the door to get in and out of the bathroom; you'll soon get used to the idea and its a small price to pay for giving you all the extra floor space in your bathroom. In-folding or sliding shower doors are further examples of how doors can be changed to make manoeuvrability easier and free-up much needed space inside the shower itself as well as outside the cubicle.

We have had the pleasure of working with artist Hillery Sproatt in the last couple of years on collaborations with Unison. Last fall we hosted a launch party at our Chicago store featuring the Harvest pattern (as table linens, knit blankets and pillows and hand printed cotton pillows) and were pleasantly surprised that Hillery’s mom, Debra Weiss, was there too. We knew that Debra is not only Hillery’s mom, but that the two have worked closely together since Hillery was a teen on her?women’s apparel?brand, Rebe. Currently?Hillery helps with marketing for Rebe and curating their online shop, but it is evident their relationship is exceptional so we thought it nice to give a little tribute to their success and find out: what’s their secret?

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