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lace pillowcases DIY Tutorial- Dollar Store Upcycled Bunting personalized wedding gifts

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During the?first month of our engagement, my husband-to-be and I were browsing through the nearby unnamed dollar store, on the prowl for anything usable for our wedding. Most of the “;wedding”; section in these stores are full of sad fleur de lis patterned napkins, small plastic bubble bottles, and shoddy two piece champagne flutes. Howeverlace pillowcases, somehow on that particular evening, I spotted a jewel among all of the plastic trinkets–;these bunting banners, in our main color family.

I ended up purchasing the entire stock this store carried and ended up with twelve six-feet-long banners. Still unsure of how I'd use them, I packed?them away in a tote at my mother's house along with the rest of my wedding stash. After reading through this post by Bianca, I came upon the perfect purpose for the banners. My maid of honor generously gave me about half a yard of contrasting patterned fabric, and I got to work.

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Here's how I made them…;

My biggest pieces of advice going into this project are these: First, make sure you do the sewing well before your wedding day. My fingers are currently full of needle stab wounds, and I'm thankful I've got about seven weeks for my hands to look presentable again. Second, take your time, especially if you're a beginner. Nothing is more frustrating than nearly completing a letter only to mess up a stitch.

Total cost for this project came to about $2.00 per banner, including supplies which can be reused such as the needles and stencils. I've seen these banners sold on Etsy for around $20 a piece. By purchasing the plain banners at the?dollar store, I managed to make six adorable signs for our wedding for 50% of the cost of a single banner sold on Etsy.

How has?the community?saved money through repurposing dollar store purchases? Do you think I should try to sell these after the wedding for a profit, say about five to ten dollars a piece? I'd love to hear back from you!

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