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While they may not be the levitating boards from the world of science fiction, hoverboards have become a reality on the market. These self-balancing electric scooters quickly became a fad upon their release. Sure, they don’;t float, but the best hoverboard for kids can make you feel like you are as you use your body weight to stay balanced and move the board along.

It’;s no surprise that a hoverboard may have appeared on the wish list of someone close to you, especially since they can be fun for all ages. If that someone happens to be a kid, though, you’;ll likely want to do a little extra research before making the purchase. After all, just like any other sort of motorized scooter, safety is a concern.

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Since the influx of hoverboards on the market since they’;ve debuted can make it tricky to know which ones are worthwhile, we’;ve compiled our guide to the best hoverboard for kids to make your job easier. Check out our top picks and a quick buyer’;s guide below!

Hoverboards can be fun, but they also have had some safety concerns in the past. That’;s why our top picks only include models that have quality builds, have a history of being safe to use and charge, and are suitable for use by kids. We’;ve researched models and customer reviews to ensure the quality of our product choices. Now let’;s get started!

The name Swagtron isn’;t a misnomer, as this hoverboard delivers on all potential “;swag”; fronts. Not only does it look cool, but the board has Bluetooth speakers built in, allowing you to play music from the scooter without needing to do anything complicated. If you want to let your kid explore a bit, the app also allows you to check maps and the battery level as you ride.

While this board is on the cheaper end of the spectrum, it still performs in every area that you’;d expect from it. The top speed reaches 7.5 miles per hour, which is safe while even letting your child feel speedy. The average charge time is ninety to one-hundred minutes, and, with a full battery, the Swagtron can run for up to eight miles. If inclines are in the equation, this board can handle slopes up to thirty degrees.

Important Specs at a Glance:

TOMOLOO Self-Balancing Scooter UL2272 Certified 6.5" Wheel Hoverboard... UL2272 Certified & Approved by CPSC---Guaranteed quality and safetyThe Most Advanced Mainboard Program---Ensures stability of users' riding experienceStrictest Production Process---Full-inspection systemlace pillowcases, hundreds of thousands of tests regarding to safety regulations

Tomoloo is a well-known brand in the world of hoverboards, and their K1 model is great for both kid and adult riders alike, allowing you to get incredible versatility out of it. With a UL2272 certification, you can rest easy knowing this board will stay safe thanks to its water and fireproofing. The small wheel size means it’;s not an excellent fit for rough terrain, but it can last for up to twelve miles of traveling at a max 10.6 mph.

This hoverboard also has Bluetooth connectivity through a smartphone app. Through it, you can control both music and the LED lights, which have sixteen-million color combinations. If you want to adjust the sensitivity settings, then the app can help you with that as well. With all these features, you can control any aspect of the board through your phone with ease. However, the Tomoloo K1 can’;t handle rough terrains.

Important Specs at a Glance:

Halo Rover White Ul2272 Certified Rover Hoverboard HALO

If you know you want to invest in a hoverboard that will last, then consider the Halo Rover board. In the relatively short lifespan of hoverboards on the market. Halo Board has consistently made reliable and durable boards. The never-pop tires help you avoid a sudden flat, and overall the build can handle some bumps and collisions, though the paint may become nicked in the process.

This board has two UL safety certifications, making it safe for your kids to use. The ride assist technology is also excellent for beginning hoverboarders as they figure out how to keep their balance. Bluetooth speakers are also present, and the board’;s max speed is nine miles per hour. With a full charge time under two hours and a range of eight miles, the Halo Rover White has plenty of juice for a day of fun.

Important Specs at a Glance:

When you first look at the Segway miniPRO, it quickly becomes apparent that it’;s different from other hoverboards: rather than just a place to put your feet and wheels, this model also has a knee pad that is part of how the board helps the rider keep its balance. Because this knee pad is where the control sensor is, there’;s much less risk of leaning forward and abruptly speeding up.

The smartphone app has numerous features, including a tutorial, anti-theft alarm, lock, speedometer, and other safety precautions—the phone can also function as a joystick. As a Segway product, the miniPRO is very long-lasting, but it’;s expensive. However, since it can accommodate many heights, it’;s suitable for use by the whole family, and not just your kids, which can make it worth the investment.

Important Specs at a Glance:

Safety is easily one of the largest concerns when finding the best hoverboard for kids, and the Hoverzon S is a product that does just that. The max speed is up to eight miles an hour, which prevents any incidents from traveling too fast. It also includes Hoverzon’;s Aegis management system to conserve battery power when in use, helping to prevent power loss at inconvenient times.

The range on this hoverboard goes up to eleven miles, which is plenty for a fun time zipping around. The build also includes LED lights and solid tires for durability. Overall, Hoverzon has created a hoverboard that’;s easy to control and looks stylish, making it an excellent choice for the kid in your life that’;s had their eye on a hoverboard.

Important Specs at a Glance:

If you want a hoverboard for your child, but you don’;t need any complex Bluetooth functions, than Megawheels has an option for you (alternatively, if you want those features, skip this board). This model also comes in multiple different colors, making it simple to find one in the perfect shade for your rider of choice. Though it’;s an excellent pick for children, this hoverboard can also support adults.

On the safety side, Megawheels has earned the UL2272 certification, which is the highest with fire and waterproofing, non-slip, anti-impact, and even anti-explosion. The range of this board goes up to 7.5 miles, and the large tires enable it to climb slopes up to fifteen degrees. The charge time is a bit on the longer side, taking three hours to fill up the battery from empty, though it won’;t overcharge.

Important Specs at a Glance:

If you’;ve ever looked into purchasing an electronic scooter, you may have come across Razor. Given their notoriety in that field, it’;s no surprise that they’;ve entered the world of hoverboards with the Hovertrax 2.0. This board has earned a UL2272 safety certification, and it has an excellent build that can support up to 220 pounds. The front LED-light and the battery indicator are convenient and helpful.

In term of its other stats, the Hovertax 2.0 can run up to a maximum speed of eight miles per hour. The battery life is a rather low sixty minutes, but there is a silver lining: this hoverboard allows you to swap out the battery for another, making it possible to charge up the power source while still getting to use it. There is a training mode that you can use until you get the hang of controlling your speed and balance.

Important Specs at a Glance:

SISIGAD Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter 6.5" Two-Wheel Self... SHIPPED FROM L.A. - UL2272 CERTIFIED to ensure safety./ 90 Days warranty and friendly after-sale service. Have...SMOOTH RIDES - 6.5" wheels with high quality rubber tires, comfortable non-slip and shock-absorbing footpedals, provide...GOOD PERFORMANCE - Self-balancing control system full of technology and quick to learn. Maximum speed can be up to 9MPH...

Hoverboards are an impressive piece of technology, but sometimes the cost can seem a bit high. The Hoverfly board from SISIGAD is an excellent choice for a budget board, and it has enough features to provide hoverboard fun. There are nine different color options, and there are also LED lights for extra flair. Even with a lower price, the Hoverfly does possess a UL2272 safety certification.

You can expect this hoverboard to operate at a max speed of seven miles per hour, and it can support user weights up to two-hundred pounds. However, you’;ll find that the lower cost does have some detriments, namely in the battery department. This hoverboard takes three hours to charge fully, and even then its range tends to cap out at 3.5 miles per hour.

Important Specs at a Glance:

VEEKO’;s Hoverboard offering is an excellent selection for both its style and its specs. The maximum speed only reaches six miles per hour, that’;s a perfect low-risk capacity for a child rider. It can support weights up to 225 pounds, even though the unit itself is only twenty-pounds itself. If the battery runs dry while your child is about, it won’;t be difficult to carry it out home.

However, it’;s easy to avoid that situation, as VEEKO’;s board has an auto shut off function; if the board goes ten minutes without being in use, it will shut down to conserve battery power. The battery life can also keep the hoverboard in operation for up to two and a half hours on a full charge. With manageable speed and a cool design, this board is an excellent option.

Important Specs at a Glance:

The last contender on our list of top picks for bets kid’;s hoverboard is this model from EPIKGO. If you look at the design, it’;s easy to see that the tires are much bigger than other boards out there; that’;s because EPIKGO has created a hoverboard that can handle all matter of off-road conditions, including rough terrains and puddles of water. As you’;d expect, it’;s durable, too.

The motor capacity of this board enables travel up eighteen-degree inclines, and the battery life gives a little over ten miles of range on one two-hours charge session. The larger design does add some weight, potentially making it difficult for some kids to carry on their own. The UL2272 safety certification is also present, providing some peace of mind, as does the one-year limited warranty on purchase.

Important Specs at a Glance:

image source:Pixabay

Hoverboards share many similarities with other motorized scooters and sports equipment, but they are also different. While some items may seem like common sense, it’;s still important you’;re not just getting the best hoverboard for kids—but the best hoverboard for the kid or kids you have in mind. Consider these points to ensure you make the right purchase!

The first thing to think about is who the riders will be using the hoverboard. Many boards can only handle a certain amount of weight at a time. For kids, surpassing the safe load limit likely won’;t be a concern, but it can be a different story if you plan to have others share the hoverboard with them.

If you’;re considering purchasing a hoverboard for a very young child, you should potentially reconsider. No matter how coordinated a kid is, a hoverboard accident can easily cause dangerous injuries for younger ones. Since some areas have laws against where you can ride these boards, the location where the rider lives is also essential.

At first glance, a hoverboard doesn’;t seem like it could go that fast. However, while five or ten miles can look like a crawl when in a car, it’;s pretty rapid speed when you’;re zipping along with only your balance to keep you upright. Some hoverboards can even reach speeds of fifteen miles an hour.

When purchasing one for a kid, it’;s much safer to choose a hoverboard that stays in the lower speed bracket (five miles per hour) to help them stay safe while riding.

The travel distance and charging time will ultimately impact how much use you can get out of your hoverboard. When discussing hoverboards, the “;range”; refers to how far the board can travel on a single charge (which weather, inclines, the weight of the rider, and more can impact).

As you may expect, the higher the range is, the better. Alternatively, a lower charging time is better, since it allows you to get your hoverboard back in action quicker.

Once the battery runs out, someone will need to carry the hoverboard back. With most models weighing twenty to thirty pounds, that can be a bit of a haul for a kid. If you foresee regular traveling in your rider’;s future, consider looking for a model with a bag or shopping for the accessory separately.

Because of their motorized components, hoverboards don’;t come cheap—especially when you’;re looking at higher quality models. While you don’;t want to sacrifice a sturdy build to save some cash, you don’;t need a professional sports hoverboard if you’;re shopping for kids. In this case, you can avoid the pricier ones in favor of something more affordable and still give the rider plenty of fun.

It’;s not surprising at all that a hoverboard may have captured the attention of a child in your life. Hopefully, this guide to the top picks for best hoverboard for kids has helped you gain the knowledge you need to pick out the best one suitable for their age range. With any of our best picks you can count on safety and reliability—so you only need to worry about finding the best one for your needs!

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