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A high chair provides your baby with a safe and secure place to experiment with new tastes and textures. The raised height not only makes it easier for you to supervise meal time but also to clean up afterwards. But what's the best high chair for your baby?

Unfortunately not all high chairs are created equal. The perfect high chair for you and your baby will depend many different factors including your budget, lifestyle and the amount of space you have in your home. As a result, the right high chair for one parent may not be right for you.

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To solve this problem I have created the most comprehensive high chair guide in existence. I will walk you through the different types of high chairs, what to look for when buying and even take a closer look at the best high chairs on the market. By the time you have finished reading this guide you will be a high chair expert. Pretty cool, huh?

This is an absolute monster of a guide. I have crammed in every possible thing you could ever need to know about high chairs. Use the links below to navigate to your desired section.

When shopping for the perfect high chair for you and your child, what qualities should you look for? How do you properly assess your needs in this area, and what's available out there? Read on to learn everything you ever wanted to know about high chairs and what makes the best ones great.

Now before we jump right into things it is worth mentioning that the word “high chair” loosely covers any seat that keeps your baby off the ground. It may surprise you to learn that there are many different types of highchairs available.

When you mention the words high chair, this is what most people picture in their head. A traditional high chair can be made from metal, plastic or wood (or any combination of those) and is little more than a raised chair for your baby to sit in. This used to be the only style of high chair available.

Traditional high chairs contain none of the bells or whistles of modern high chairs. They cannot be folded up for storage and are instead designed to be set up and left in a designated area of your home.

While traditional high chairs certainly are lacking in the features department, their simplicity allows them to be sold at a lower price point. The lack of features is also a traditional high chairs strong point. Less features, less things that can go wrong.



To put it simply - A basic high chair at a bargain price. While containing little in the way of nice-to-have features it with adequately seat your baby during meal time.

Advancements in modern technology have allowed manufacturers to include all manner of features in their high chairs. Modern high chairs look vaguely like the traditional variety but are highly adjustable.

Modern high chairs are also known as multifunctional high chairs and can be adjusted to suit your baby’s comfort. Different pieces of the high chair that you can adjust include:

You may be wondering why adjustability is important. It means you can get yourself and your baby in a comfortable feeding position no matter where you are in the house, whether you are sitting down watching TV or at the dinner table in your dining room. An important feature of this type of high chair (along with the high chair adjustable height) is the ability to adjust the seat's recline angle. Different babies are more comfortable at different angles; some prefer to recline slightly, others don't like to recline at all. Also, different types of food may require a more upright posture to eat neatly.

In addition to the versatility, modern high chairs also fold neatly down for storage.



To put it simply - A modern high chair that can adjust to make feeding time more comfortable for both you and your baby.

Also known as booster chairs, a space saver high chair will allow you to create a high chair out of any old chair laying around the house. Simply pop the booster chair on top of your regular chair and your baby is ready to be seated for meal time.

The small size makes space saver high chairs perfect for those living in apartments where every inch of free floor space counts. When feeding time is over you can simply store the chair away in a cabinet, out of sight. Lack of space may make this the best high chair for your needs.

Unfortunately using your regular chair for eating is going to expose it to all of your baby’s meal time mess. If you are going to go with a booster seat or booster high chair try to use a regular dining room chair that can easily be wiped down (one without cushions). A towel underneath the space saver high chair will definitely help catch any wayward food.



To put it simply - Perfect for apartment living, this booster seat style high chair can attach to any existing dining chair. Its small size makes it easy to clean and store away.

Unlike diamonds, high chairs are not forever. Your baby will outgrow the high chair phase in no time at all. Once outgrown, a high chair will be of little to no use to you. That is unless you bought a convertible high chair.

Convertible high chairs have been designed to grow with your baby, many of which can be used up until three years old. Depending on the brand, convertible high chairs can transform into any one of the following pieces of furniture:

A convertible high chair is a longer-term investment than a simple high chair. You may also see convertible high chairs called 3-in-1 or 4-in-1. The first digit represents the number of pieces of furniture that the high chair can transform into.

A convertible high chair is essentially 3 or more pieces of furniture squashed together into a high chair. An unfortunate side effect of this design is that the convertible high chair will not fold down as small as other varieties, which can make it unsuitable if you are struggling for free space in your home. But a convertible high chair has additional functionality that might make it a good choice if space isn't an issue.

While the furniture that makes up a convertible high chair is functional at a budget price, it will not be the same quality as it would were each piece purchased individually. A convertible high chair can be an efficient choice, provided the buyer understands its limitations. Its versatility may make it the best high chair for you.



To put it simply - A convertible high chair is an incredibly practical solution for buying multiple pieces of baby furniture at a cheap price. But what a convertible high chair can provide in convenience may come at the expense of simplicity and durability.

A travel high chair is essentially a camping chair designed specifically for your baby. Travel high chairs are designed for outdoor use; whether you are camping by the fire or simply having a cook out on the lawn.

A travel high chair is typically constructed from a heavy duty canvas stretched over a metal frame; travel high chairs do not require assembly and simply fold up into a narrow cylinder. The simple design means that they age well, and a bit of rain will not be the thing to ruin a travel high chair. However don't expect any complicated features like a removable tray, the ability to make height adjustments or to recline, etc.

You may notice that the legs of a travel high chair stick out further than that of a regular high chair. The wider base helps provide a sturdy seat for your baby regardless of how uneven the ground below is.

A travel high chair will not replace the day-to-day high chair that you use at home. Despite being well made, the canvas tray of a travel high chair will sag if your baby leans on it, sending food to the ground and potentially requiring an emergency family trip to the nearest washing machine (if one is even close by). A solid tray is more suited to home use.



To put it simply - A high chair that is easy to clean and weathers well. Great if you enjoy camping.

The last two high chairs that we will look at have been designed to be as portable as possible. Light and easy to storelace pillowcases, the following high chairs are great if you are planning on travelling with your baby.

So how are portable high chairs different to travel high chairs? Travel high chairs are still quite bulky. While they will fold down small enough to fit in the trunk of your car, you could never squeeze them in a diaper bag or comfortable carry them around all day.

Hook-on high chairs are also known as table chairs; appropriately named because they clamp to the side of your dining table. Your little baby will sit suspended in mid-air with his feet dangling below.

Supporting up to 37 lbs, hook-on high chairs are designed to be used early in your infants life. If you have a heavier baby you will have to stick with high chairs that are supported by the ground.

You may have noticed that this high chair does not have a tray. In an effort to keep the hook-on high chairs size down, the table top itself is used as a tray. This will mean that you will need to put a placemat or other protective layer down on the table to catch your baby’s mess.

While many mothers recommend hook-on high chairs for traveling, I tend to disagree. While a hook-on high chair will attach to the majority of tables, It will not attach to all of them. When you are traveling you simply cannot plan what types of tables you will come across. An incompatible table will mean your baby is sitting on your lap for that meal.

Use this high chair when visiting friends, family and restaurants you already know have dining room tables the high chair can attach to.

Hook-on high chairs are not recommended for tables made of wood veneer or glass. The clamps on the high chair can break and scratch these table tops.



To put it simply - A highly portable high chair that can clip onto the majority of dining tables.

Light weight, folds up small, and can be thrown through a wash cycle. Fabric high chairs are perfect for feeding your baby while you travel. Simply slide the fabric over a regular dining chair, clip your baby in and you are good to go.

Most fabric high chairs are made from an easy-to-clean polyester cloth that can be machine washed. Since this style of high chair does not come with a tray you will likely need to wash the chair after each meal. As you can imagine, this will not replace the day-to-day high chair you use at home.

The machine washable fabric material allows you to fold this chair down to an incredibly-small size. You can easily throw it into your diaper bag to have on hand when out and about.

The fabric high chair only secures your baby to a seat (such as a dining room chair), it does not raise his seating position so that he can sit at the table. You would need to use an additional toddler booster seat to make such height adjustments.



To put it simply - A high chair that is incredibly suited for travelers.

If you have been blessed with multiples and have made it this far through the guide then you will have noticed that none of the high chairs mentioned so far are suitable for you. It used to be that you would have to buy an individual high chair for each baby you had. Fortunately that is no longer the case with a number of companies offering individual high chair solutions for twins and multiples.

The current trend is to recess a chair into a table for each of your babies (as seen in the picture above). This design allows you to sit down and face each of your babies at the same time and is not only suitable for feeding time but also arts and crafts. Families with multiple kids might consider such an option.

While high chairs for multiple kids are a great solution they are also the most expensive out of all high chairs with six-seater options exceeding the $500 mark.



To put it simply - A practical high chair solution for multiple babies that comes at a price.

In this section we will examine all the different features that can be found on high chairs. Please note that depending on the type of high chair you are after, certain features may not be available.

You know what I’m thankful for? That this isn’t my baby!

Jokes aside, your baby is going to make a lot of mess during feeding time. While much of this will be worn, a generous coating will be shared with the high chair as well.

A high chair that is difficult to wipe down is enough to make any mother scream in rage. Avoid the stress and choose an easy to clean high chair from the start.

When considering the best easy clean high chair options, examine the harness, frame and tray. Look for any areas that may be hard to wipe down or small crevices that may catch and trap food. Pay particular attention to areas that will be within your baby’s reach as these will almost certainly get covered in food at one point or another.

While a cushioned high chair may seem provide your baby with a comfortable eating experience, areas made of fabric can be quite hard to get clean, even machine washable fabric. Stick to plastic or vinyl seats and if you really want to go down the cushioned seat path, choose a seat with a removable cover.

It is difficult enough feeding a comfortable baby let alone one complaining of discomfort. When looking to buy a high chair, padded seats are much easier on your baby’s behind than hard plastic.

Many parents report improved cooperation at meal time due to the comfort that a padded seat provides however this varies from baby to baby. That said; your baby shouldn’t be sitting high chair for a long enough period for him to get uncomfortable in a hard plastic seat.

While padded seats may be soft and comfortable, they are generally much harder to wipe down than a smooth plastic or wooden seat, with crumbs falling into the cracks.

If your high chair has a padded seat, run your hand over the seat and feel for any seams that may scratch or stick into your baby. Remember, your baby has much more sensitive skin than you and what may seem like a minor annoyance to you can be aggravating to your baby.

When choosing a padded seat, stick to patterns rather than a single solid color. Patterns are much easier at concealing stains (and trust me, your high chair is going to end up with stains). Another option is to use a separate seat pad that ties or can be secured in place. These are usually machine washable for added convenience.

If you look closely at the picture above you will notice that the high chair above has a restraint harness (like what you would find in a car seat). Restraints are commonly found on modern high chairs with removable trays; keeping your baby safe and sound even when the tray has been removed.

A safety harness is incredibly effective at preventing your child from standing or slipping out of his high chair seat. Like your car seat, harnesses can come in two separate varieties:

The buckle should be easy enough for an adult to use but tricky enough that your baby cannot undo it without your assistance.

The straps of the harness should be adjustable. This will ensure the straps continue to fit your baby as he continues to grow.

Crotch post. Sounds nasty, doesn’t it? A crotch post is actually a vital piece of safety equipment that prevents your baby from slipping out of the high chair and getting his head caught between the tray and chair.

The crotch post is a is essentially a pole that attaches to either the seat, tray or both. Your baby sticks his legs either side of the crotch post to prevent him from sliding out through the leg holes.

As you may have already noticed, not all high chairs will come with a tray. High chairs that don't come with a feeding tray will rely on a table to rest your baby's meal and utensils.

Whether you choose a high chair with or without a feeding tray all comes down to preference. Some parents like the fact that a tray allows them to feed their baby anywhere in the house while other parents prefer trayless high chairs that allow their baby to sit nice and close to the dining table.

While some trays are built into the high chair itself, other can be removed for ease of cleaning. Some detachable trays even go so far as to be dishwasher safe, allowing you to throw the tray in the dishwasher with the rest of the dishes. When feeding your infant or toddler, a removable tray can add a degree of convenience it's hard to ignore.

When choosing a tray, choose one with a raised lip. This lip will help prevent food and spills from falling to the floor below. Some trays go so far as to have a small recess to hold a sippy cup (like the tray pictured above). While not essential, it may help prevent your baby from knocking the cup over and staining the dining room carpet at grandma's house.

It is also worth remembering that the larger the tray, the larger the area available to catch falling food.

While it may initially be an after thought, a foot rest is a fairly important part of a high chair. Young babies can pretty much only concentrate on one thing at a time. While your baby is still developing his trunk muscles he has a choice to make. Focus on sitting upright or focus on eating the meal with his hands.

Sitting upright is hard work for a baby and dangling legs make the task more difficult. You will have more success with developing your baby’s motor skills (feeding himself) if his feet are supported by a foot rest and his chair allows for better supported, more comfortable positions.

One Pediatric Occupational Therapist uses the following example:

Imagine you are sitting on a tall bar stool. If your feet are dangling, you feel unsteady and wouldn't want to do an intricate activity. You would tend to wrap your feet around the pole or on a bar to feel more secure.

If a fully grown adult has difficulty performing fine activities in unsteady positions then what hope does a developing baby have? A foot rest can also stop your baby from kicking his legs out during meal time.

A high chair will sit your baby approximately three foot off the ground. That is a monster of a fall to a baby. You are going to want to make sure that the high chair will not topple over at the slightest bump.

There are two separate factors that contribute to how stable a high chair will be:

While a heavier high chair will be harder to move around your house, the extra weight will add to the chairs overall stability. Be advised: a folding portable high chair or height adjustable high chair might be less stable than a set height model. Always test for stability before you buy.

If you have a wooden floor or tiles then you may notice that your high chair slides around the dining room floor when your baby wiggles. Rubber stoppers on the feet of the high chair will prevent this.

Your storage options will all depend on the type of high chair that you wish to buy. While portable high chairs fold down incredibly small and space saver high chairs can be placed into storage as is, traditional high chairs do not fold down at all.

If you live in a smaller house with a lot of kids (especially with more than one infant or toddler in the mix) then you are better off choosing a high chair that will not constantly get in the way. If you live in a giant house (lucky you) then the amount of space a high chair takes up will not impact your purchasing decision.

How flat a high chair folds up will vary from brand to brand. If folding down into multiple positions is an important feature to you then it will be best to compare different models.

The folding mechanism should be designed so that it is impossible to fold the high chair while your baby is still seated inside.

Not every parent will feed their baby in the same room. Lunchtime may see your baby feast in the kitchen while dinner may take him to the lounge room or dining room. If you frequently move your high chair from one room to another then buying a high chair with wheels will make the process a whole lot easier.

Wheels allow you to quickly and easily slide your high chair between rooms. Once you have your high chair in it’s desired position, simply lock the wheels in place to prevent the high chair from rolling away.

While some high chairs have four wheels (a wheel on each foot, like in the picture above), others only have two on one side of the high chair. These high chairs must be tilted at an angle before the wheels make proper contact with the ground. Wheels on this style of high chair do not have to be locked into position.

If you have carpet, then high chair wheels may not be appropriate for you. Carpet strands can get caught in the casters (plastic wheels) preventing them from moving or worse; damaging your carpet.

Whether you like it or not, looks are going to come into play when it comes down to choosing a high chair for your baby. If you are going to spend money, you don’t want something that is ugly and doesn’t match anything else in your house.

Fortunately there are so many different styles and designs of high chairs to choose from, even the fussiest of parents will be able to find a design that appeals to them.

Now that I have explained what to look for when choosing a high chair it is time to look at some examples of the best high chairs on the market. The following high chairs are hugely popular among parents the world over.

Because budget plays a major role in choosing a high chair; I will examine three differently priced high chairs in each category using the following lay out:

It is worth mentioning that price is not an indicator of an amazing high chair. If you search around you will find a quality high chair no matter what your budget is.

There was a lot of competition in this category but the selection below just edged out the others.

Style: As pictured, 8 different color optionsBrand: Boon

Let’s get one thing out of the way. This high chair is gorgeous! A sleek modern design coupled with an abundance of useful features makes this one of the best high chairs of all time. That said; given the price I would certainly hope this was the case!

Like an office chair, this high chair uses a Pneumatic lift to raise or lower the seat. Despite it’s bulky appearance the seat will be able to fit under the majority of dining tables (The lowest height of the seat is 21 inches). The lift is operated by a button on the base that you can press with your foot.

While the high chair is definitely heavier than most, wheels underneath the base allow the chair to easily move in any direction. It pretty much glides across your floor. Simply press your foot on the brake to lock the wheels into position.

The seat is seamless, preventing any crumbs from building up. Simply wipe down the seat with a cloth and the high chair is ready to go for your baby’s next meal time. Click here for price and more information.

Style:As picturedBrand: Fisher-Price

Do you have a baby who is overly fidgety while he waits for dinner? This high chair includes a battery operated rainforest toy to keep your little one entertained until dinner arrives.

Even without the toy this is a very functional high chair. A reclinging seat back and multiple height adjustments will allow you to easily position your baby at meal time whether at the table or being spoon fed.

A nice wide tray will catch the majority of your baby’s mess and a deep lip will prevent it from falling to the floor. The tray can be removed with a single hand, allowing you to hold your baby in place with the other. The tray insert is dishwasher safe.

Being made from cloth, the seat cover can get a little hot in summer. Fortunately the padding is comfortable and easy to clean. Ultimately this is a great all round high chair.

Style:As picturedBrand: Evenflo

It was a toss up for the best budget high chair. While the Cosco Simple Fold was by far the cheapest, the quality just wasn’t there. If you can squeeze the small extra amount out and get the Evenflo then you will be much, much happier with your purchase.

You get a lot for the price. A high chair that folds up compact is lightweight yet sturdy and is easy to clean. Good news for parents who are not the best at putting products together (this is me all over), the high chair comes pre-assembled.

An inexpensive all rounder that wont break the bank. Highly recommended.

There are only a few different types of convertible high chairs on the market. Despite this they are all very well made and a viable alternative to buying each individual piece of furniture separately.

Style:As picturedBrand: Graco

Graco’s convertible high chair can turn into four different seating options to suit your baby’s stage of development.

The tray can be removed with one hand, a lovely feature if you are balancing your baby in the other. As you would expect the tray insert is dishwasher safe.

Low kitchen table or high counter top; with six adjustable height positions and three different recline levels you will easily be able to adjust the high chair to suit your table. If you have a smaller sized baby, a removable infant insert will provide extra support for your little one.

Unlike other convertible high chairs, this one has wheels. Wheels are an absolute blessing if you want use the high chair in different areas of the house. The Graco 4-in-1 Seating System is so full of useful features that it is definitely worth the higher price tag.Click here for price and more information.

Style:5 different seat patterns availableBrand: Graco

Unlike other convertible high chairs that try to cram in as many pieces of furniture as possible, this high chair can only turn into two different chairs.

Sometimes less is more as while the convertible options are limited, they are both very functional and would stand up against competitors in their category if purchased separately.

The high chair has three levels of recline and the pad can be completely removed for ease of cleaing. As is becoming more and more commong on high chairs, the pad is machine washable.

The 5-point safety harness can turn into a 3-point harness to accommodate your growing baby.

Style:Purple or BlueBrand: Evenflo

Unlike other convertible high chairs the Minimeal skips the booster seat complete. Instead it offers the following:

While these are nice, they are not standard pieces of furniture that every parent is going to run out and purchase separately (besides the high chair of course). That said, to even get a high chair for this price is a huge deal, let alone another two pieces of furniture.

The high chair is almost completely plastic and incredibly easy to wipe down. A seat pad is included to help keep your baby’s bottom comfortable on the hard plastic.

The one thing I don’t like about this high chair is that the tray isn’t dishwasher safe (check the manual!). A dishwasher safe tray has come to be expected in this day and age and I would have loved the feature even if it added a couple of dollars to the high chairs cost.

Wooden high chairs are more expensive than high chairs that are made from plastic and metal. Even the mid-priced and budget verities are still on the pricier side and my choices reflect this.

While they may not be priced into everyone’s budget, wooden high chairs are extremely durable and easy to wipe down.

When choosing a wooden high chair make sure that it is solid wood and not veneer (a fake wood coating). Veneer chips easily and will not last as long as a solid wood high chair.

Style:As picturedBrand: Summer Infant

If you are looking for a high chair that screams luxury with the features to back it up then look no further. Straight up, the Bentwood high chair looks gorgeous.

The majority of wooden high chairs that look like a traditional high chair are not adjustable. The Bentwood goes above and beyond, offering three recline positions and four height positions.

The tray can also be adjusted to one of four positions. When feeding time is over simply remove the tray and throw it in the dishwasher (lets hear it for dishwasher safe trays!) making clean up a breeze.

Another huge plus the Bentwood has over traditional high chairs is that it can be folded down into storage. The fold is surprisingly compact and can be achieved with the press of a button.

The padded seat is super comfortable and a removable infant seat insert means that your baby will be supported during feeding time no matter how small. Click here for price and more information .

Style:Different colors availableBrand: Stokke

Do not be fooled by the Tripp Trapp by Stokke, this high chair is one of the most durable on the market. Holding up to 300 pounds (that is not a typo) this high chair will last your baby well into his early adult years.

The Tripp Trapp does not have a tray, instead it relies on you sitting your baby down at the table. Both the depth and height of the seat and foot rest can be adjusted allowing your baby to sit at the perfect level for your dining table.

Let’s be perfectly up front. The Tripp Trapp Highchair does not have many features at all. It was designed to do one thing and one thing well and that’s last. If you are looking for a feature packed wooden high chair that will only be used in your baby’s early years then this isn’t for you.

Want more proof this chair is designed to last? Stokke even offers a 7-year warranty on wooden components. Click here for price and more information .

Style:As picturedBrand: Summer Infant

If you are looking for a great day to day wooden high chair that checks all the boxes then this fits the bill.

Like Summer Infants premium model, this high chair can recline to one of three positions. Reclining the seat is as simple as pressing two buttons at the same time and lowering the seat back to your desired position.

The padded seat insert is vinyl and is easily wiped down if covered in food. As your baby grows you can remove the padded insert to give your child a little more room to move.

The tray has a cup holder and a deep lip to help prevent food from falling to the floor below. When feeding time is over the tray can be thrown through the dishwasher. Click here for price and more information.

Style:Different colors availableBrand: Excellante

If you think this wooden high chair looks familiar then you have probably seen it at your local restaurant. Sturdy, cost effective and easily cleaned, this high chair is a favorite among the food industry.

A wide pyramid design makes this high chair incredibly difficult to tip over. The pyramid design has a second benefit. It allows you to stack one high chair on top of another. Fantastic if you buy a few of these high chairs for multiple children.

Despite being one of the cheapest wooden high chairs on the market, it is made from solid wood. As you would expect, the solid wood design is incredibly easy to wipe down making this wooden high chair one of the easiest to maintain.Click here for price and more information.

You may notice that all the Space Saver high chairs listed below are manufactured by Fisher-Price. I quickly discovered that Fisher-Price dominates the space saver high chair category. While other manufacturers have tried to imitate their product, they tend to come up short.

Style:As picturedBrand: Fisher-Price

While it may look similar to cheaper models, the Rainforest Friends SpaceSaver trumps them all, not only in terms of features but also quality.

The SpaceSaver high chair will grow with your baby and can convert into a booster seat when it is outgrown. Simply remove the seat pad and tray and you have a booster seat that can support up to 50 lbs.

After feeding time, the tray can be removed and either washed by hand of thrown through a dishwasher cycle. Two cup holders can be found on the tray to fit different sized bottles and a deep lip will stop the majority of your baby’s meal from falling to the floor.

With three levels of recline and three height positions, you will easily be able to find a comfortable feeding position. The seat pad is spill resistant and will survive numerous trips through the washing machine. Click here for price and more information .

Style:As picturedBrand: Fisher-Price

While it looks similar to the premium SpaceSaver model, the mid-priced option does have a few key differences.

Other than these differences, the two high chairs are practically the same. The Stripes Space Saver high chair offers an incredibly amount of value for the price and is very suitable to be used as your day to day high chair.

Style:As picturedBrand: Fisher-Price

Inexpensive and functional. While it may not have all the features of the more expensive models, the Deluxe Booster Seat is well made and will keep your baby safe and secure during meal time. Sometimes less really is more.

While it may not have a padded seat, the plastic design is a absolute dream to clean. No crevices to catch and hide crumbs!

The tray is actually made up of three pieces.

The tray cover will protect the tray from dirt and grime when not in use, making it an ideal solution for you germophobes out there. As a recovering germophobic parent I think this is an amazing idea and am puzzled as to why all high chairs don’t come with it.

I don’t really see the point of the tray insert given that the tray itself is incredibly easy to wipe down. That said, if you require the use of a cup holder you will need to use the insert.

As with all of the Fisher-Price models, the tray can be removed which turns the high chair into a booster seat for older children.

The hook-on high chair category is an unusual one. The price difference between the most expensive and cheapest high chair is only $35. It also appears that the more you spend, the more tables that the hook-on high chair will properly attach to.

Style:As picturedBrand: Chicco

The 360 Hook-on High Chair has a unique feature that is found on no other. The seat can completely rotate 360 degrees.

Now you may be asking yourself why you would need a seat that can rotate? In addition to sitting at a table, your baby can face any other direction. This allows you to sit up nice and close while spoon-feeding your baby without the table getting in the way.

Unlike other hook-on high chairs that rely on the table to hold your baby’s food and feeding equipment; this one has a snap on tray. This prevents your baby from spilling the majority of his food out onto the table below resulting in less cleaning.

The rubber grips can clip over table skirting up to 5.5” thick. I have only ever come across one table with skirting thicker than this and it was my grandmother’s antique table that was made in 1932. What I am trying to say is that this hook-on high chair will attach to the vast majority of tables out there. Click here for price and more information .

Style:Numerous color options availableBrand: Inglesina

A follow up to Inglesina’s hugely popular 2013 model (now discontinued). The key difference between the two is that the cover now hides more of the metal frame.

The frame is solid and will support your baby without sagging. The clamps clip over tables up to 3.3” Thick.

A snap on dining tray is sold separately. If you are going to drop the cash on this extra then you are better off jumping up to the premium option that not only includes a snap on tray but can fit more tables.

Located in the rear of the seat is a pocket for you to store small accessories while your baby eats. The pocket is a lovely feature that is not found on the majority of hook on high chairs. Click here for price and more information .

Style:As picturedBrand: Regalo

For a cheap hook on high chair, the Easy Diner packs in a lot of features but for the price difference, is it worth it?

A 5-point safety belt keeps your baby secure while he eats. As you would expect, the harness is adjustable allowing you to get a snug fit regardless of your baby’s size.

A sturdy steel frame will support a baby up to 37 pounds and a unique double locking system will mean you do not have to adjust the chair to your tables width each and every time you use it.

The fabric does not feel as high quality as the other hook on high chairs on this list. They had to cheap on something in order to keep the cost down and it appears to be the fabric. At the end of the day the seat is still padded and easy to wipe down but it just doesn’t have the same feel of the more expensive models.

Unfortunately, the Easy Diner High Chair will not be suitable for everyone. If you table has a wooden skirt than hangs down underneath, you will have trouble clamping the chair to the table. This hook on high chair works best on tables with incredible small skirts, or better yet; none at all. Click here for price and more information .

High chairs made from fabric are all priced very similarly. So, rather than organize them by price, I will simply list the three best fabric high chairs on the market.

Since they do not boost your baby’s height to table level; many parents complain that fabric high chairs are only useful for spoon fed babies. At the end of this section I will show you a secret weapon that will increase the height of any chair.

Style:8 different patterns availableBrand: Tot Seat

First up in the list of fabric high chairs is the Totseat Chair Harness and dang, is it versatile. The Chair Harness can wrap itself around just about any type of chair you come across on your travels. Don’t believe me? Check it out….

Pretty neat huh? The versatility comes in handy when traveling as you simply do not know what kind of chairs you will come across during your adventures.

Travelers who want to carry light will be impressed at just how compact this high chair is. Being made almost entirely of fabric really keeps the weight down and can even be rolled up to a fraction of its size.

Due to the loose support, your baby will need to be of the age where he can support himself to safely use this high chair. If your baby spills food on the fabric a quick trip through the washing machine will have the Chair Harness looking as good as new. Click here for price and more information .

Style:As picturedBrand: Baby’s Journey

One of the few padded fabric high chairs on the market. Other fabric high chairs only offer a thin layer of fabric to cushion your baby’s bottom from the seat below. The baby sitter High Chair Pad combines comfort portability in a single unit.

The adjustable shoulder straps have been designed to grow with your baby and will fit your little one until the age of two. While it isn’t quite a 5-point harness, the seat is quite effective at keeping an active baby contained during meal time.

Because of the padding you will have to roll up this fabric high chair rather than fold it. The result is a little bulkier but should still easily fit in a regular sized diaper bag.

Style:Red or BlackBrand: YochiYochi

The last fabric high chair I highly recommend is a actually three different products in on.

Now while I am obviously not a fan of walking harnesses (who really wants to walk their toddler like they are a dog?), the fabric high chair and cart safety straps are just top notch. If you feel that you will end up buying any two of the above items separately then you should strongly consider this combo high chair from YochiYochi.

Incredibly this multipurpose fabric high chair grows with your baby and can be used up untl the age of 5 years (tummy size of up to 25.5"). Coupled with the 3-in-1 design, you definitely get an awful lot for what you pay for.

Style:As picturedBrand: KABOOST

Earlier in this section I touched on the fact that fabric high chairs do not increase the height of your baby. As a result the table top will still be above your baby’s head. The solution? The Kaboost.

Full disclaimer: I LOVE THIS THING! It snaps onto the feet of any 4 legged chair (whether it has round or square legs) and increases the height, allowing your child to sit at a comfortable height to eat from your table.

For a lightweight piece of plastic the Kaboost is surprisingly durable. Holding up to 300 pounds; it wont fall under the weight of your child. The rubber feet also prevent it from scratching your floor.

Using the Kaboost in conjunction with a fabric high chair is an amazing solution for those of you who love to travel your children. Click here for price and more information.

Style:Two color optionsBrand: Kelsyus

One of the only travel high chairs available that comes with a sunshade canopy. Travel high chairs are designed for outside use. What else is outside? The sun. Not having to worry about covering your baby up while sitting in his high chair is a huge bonus and it amazes me that this not a standard feature on all travel high chairs.

The fabric is quite durable and is not only resistant to fading but also stains and mold. A quick wipe down with soapy water will remove all but the most stubborn of grime.

If you are going to buy a high chair in this price range then you want it to last. The Go With Me High Chair by Kelsyus can convert to three different configurations.

Despite being made of fabric, the tray itself sags very little (a common complaint about travel high chairs). Click here for price and more information .

Style:8 color optionsBrand: Ciao! Baby

One of the original travel high chairs on the market; Ciao! Baby have created a high chair that looks just like a regular camping chair. Like a regular camping chair, no assembly is required. Simply unfold the high chair and you are in business.

The tray is not a supportive and will definitely sag under the weight of heavier meals. This travel high chair is best suited to feeding your baby snacks.

If you are looking to buy this high chair then I strongly advise that you stick to the darker colors. Why dark colors? Because these colors are much better at hiding stains. While the bright orange or pink colors may look pretty when new, they wont stay that way.

Style:As picturedBrand: Regalo

If a booster seat and a camping chair had a baby, the Regalo My Chair would be the result. Don’t be put off by the cheap price, the My Chair is an effective travel chair solution for parents who are counting their pennies.

The chair can be set up in one of two different ways.

The chair liner is made from a heavy duty, waterproof nylon. Cleaning is as simple as wiping it down with a damp cloth and soap.

The sturdy steal frame and high back will keep your baby comfortable and supported while out and about .

There are also numerous high chair accessories available. While accessories are certainly not essential, they can help make your life easier.

A drop cloth is essentially a floor mat that sits underneath your baby’s high chair and catches any food that may slide off the tray, protecting the floor underneath. A drop cloth is made of an easy to clean material and should be large enough to extend well and truly past the sides of the high chair.

Some drop cloths have non-slip undersides to prevent them from sliding around on hardwood floors. Whether you use an old bed sheet or buy a purpose made drop cloth, you are going to want something underneath your high chair to prevent food splattering on the floor.

So what do you do if you have purchased a wooden high chair only to discover that the seat is too hard on your little baby’s delicate bottom? You buy a cushioned insert like the one above.

A cushioned insert slides into your existing high chair and provides a layer of comfort for your baby. Cushioned inserts have a certain amount of play, meaning that they can be adjusted to fit all but the most unusual of high chair shapes.

When choosing a cushioned insert, stick to ones that are constructed of an easy to clean material.

For messier baby meals many parents choose to sit a placemat over the top of the high chair tray. Rather than cleaning the high chair tray, simply remove the placemat and wipe it down. If your high chair has a removable tray then a place mat is not necessary.

To celebrate their little boy or girls 1st birthday, many parents decorate their baby’s high chair. Decorating the high chair will make your little baby feel extra special while chowing down on a piece of birthday cake.

High chair decorations often come in a single kit with a running theme and can include:

Just be mindful that while high chair decorations look pretty, their quality can vary. While the decorations may last through your baby’s birthday, they might not survive extended use.

If you are buying a second high chair then it is super important that you check for recalls.

Recalls happen all the time and while retail stores will pull any recalled high chairs as soon as a recall is announced, there is a still a chance that you will come across a recalled high chair when looking for a second hand high chair.

Recalls still frequently happen. The moon high chair was recently recalled in February, 2015 for the following reason:

The high chair seat can loosen and dislodge, allowing the seat and child to fall. The chair can also fall onto a child crawling underneath the seat, posing an impact hazard to the child.

Pretty scary stuff!

Between being roughly moved about by a sleep-deprived mother, to pulled and pushed by an upset baby, high chairs can have quite a rough life.

A used high chair will more than likely be well and truly out of its warranty period. If the high chair breaks after your have bought it from it’s previous owner then you are out of luck and will have to purchase a new one.

So is it ever okay to buy a used high chair?

Yes. If you are confident of the high chair has been properly maintained and cared for over its life. Where possible you should try and buy a used high chair off friends or family first as you will have a rough idea of how well they care for house hold objects (you would be amazed at just how rough a sleep deprived mother can treat a high chair).

With your new helmet sitting on your toddlers head, examine the following to ensure it fits correctly

There are plenty of vintage high chairs still available to purchase second hand. Crafted by hand by woodworkers with tremendous skill, these old style wooden high chairs were made to last.

Vintage high chairs are a work of art. Like most forms art, they are better off being admired rather than used. You see, vintage high chairs are unsafe for your baby

The thing about vintage high chairs is that they are old. Very old. They were created before modern safety standards were enforced. Gaps that your baby can fall through and hinges that can squash a baby’s hand are but a few of the dangers that old high chairs can hide.

Below I will attempt to answer some of the more commonly asked questions surrounding high chairs. If you have any questions that are not answered here, please ask them in the comments below.

Your baby is ready to use a high chair at the same age that he can sit up on his own and eat solid food. Usually between four and six months.

Unless you have an exceptionally large child; the average high chair that stands off the ground will be suitable until three years of age.

While high chairs now come in all different shapes and sizes, the average traditional high chairs height is just over 3 feet to the where your baby sits.

When choosing the perfect high chair for your situation, there are always a lot of factors to consider. We hope you've learned a lot from this guide, and that you feel confident you can now make an informed choice.

Need to know more? Here are some more amazing high chair resources:

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Jess Miller is a loving mother that wants to help other parents by giving them helpful parenting tips and reviewing the best products for their children to save them time, money, and hassle.

william hudson says

February 29, 2016 at 11:54 am

I have got from my sisters friend a mammas and pappas high chair,the problem is the cover has rust stains on it and the fastners are rusty should I give it to my grandson?

Bambi says

August 14, 2016 at 4:58 pm

I’;m trying to find a rubber or plastic “;crotch post”; to attached our wooden high chair. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?

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